You or someone in your household may get $20 for completing a short survey.

(Found on the letter or postcard we mailed to you)


We randomly selected your address from home addresses in the United States. This means that when you respond, you represent hundreds of other Americans like you. When all completed surveys are combined, they represent a snapshot of households in the United States.

We are interested in finding out about certain activities that people take part in. Our goal is to have hundreds of respondents complete the survey so that your voice and a variety of different types of people in the United States are represented.

We will first need an adult (age 18 or older) who lives at this address to enter the Access Code and answer a few questions about themselves and their household. These questions will help identify who is eligible to participate. From those eligible, we will randomly select one or two people to take part in the survey. The last day to participate and complete the survey is Monday, August 15th, 2022.

Once each eligible participant completes the survey, they will be provided a Completion Code to receive a $20 electronic gift card of their choice from either or Target. In addition, this is an opportunity to be part of scientific research!

We do not ask for the participant’s name or require any other form of personally identifiable information. We only ask for age, gender, race, ethnicity, and education level. We will also have the address to which the invitation was mailed.

This survey should take about 5-10 minutes to finish, depending on the answers that the participant provides.

The survey is anonymous. We will combine your answers with the answers provided by many other respondents when reporting the results.

After completing the survey, click here to redeem your reward. You must redeem your reward before August 30th, 2022. On or after August 30th, 2022, your Completion Code will no longer be valid and we will not be able to exchange it for the $20 or Target gift card.

This survey is being conducted by Engine International, Inc. Insights division, a subsidiary of the Engine Group Inc. (“Engine”). Engine is a global organization that uses data and research to offer various solutions – such as insights, data, and technology - to their clients. Engine provides information and strategies to clients in numerous industries, including insurance, finance, health care, automotive, technology, and consumer packaged goods.

The last day to participate and complete the survey is August 15th, 2022. Once you have completed the survey, you will be able to claim your gift card any time up until August 29th, 2022.

You must have already agreed to participate in the Decision Survey or allow your teens to participate in the Decision survey to download these forms. Once you have done this, click here to download the form(s). These forms will be available for downloading/printing for 60 days after completion of the survey.

It may occur that the email program does not automatically launch when clicking the ‘send an email’ option when the selected individual is not currently available. This is due to certain software settings on the device. If this happens, we encourage you to provide them with the letter or postcard that was mailed to your address, and ask them to go to and enter the Access Code. If you see a prepopulated message, you can either copy or take a screen-shot of the message, which you can then paste into an email message at your convenience.

If you have any questions or technical problems with this survey, you may call toll-free at 1-800-445-1751 between the hours of 9am and 10pm (Eastern Time Zone).

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